Totally Degu Sleepy Degu Bedding


  • Totally Degu – Sleepy Degu Bedding for small animals
  • 100% natural bio-degradable fibres
  • Perfect for Degus
  • Also good for Rats, Hamsters, Guinea pigs, mice
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Totally Degu – Sleepy Degu Paper Bedding for small animals.

Totally Degu – Sleepy Degu Bedding is soft and is naturally a safe non-toxic shredded paper made from plant fibres. It is ideal for bedding or nesting.

100% recycled, hygienic, non-toxic, this is biodegradable and will make the perfect material for your small pet to nest in an snuggle into. See your content warm happy Degus in their nests! Watch them re-arrange it every day as they build a new warm and cosy nest.


60g net per bag.


  • 100% dust extracted shredded vegetable fibre paper


  • Made from waste vegetable fibre paper
  • Wastepaper, pre-use (No Caffeine)
  • 100% Non-toxic
  • Dust extracted to keep your Degu healthy

Your Degus will love their new comfy nests.

Need a nesting bed for your cosy paper bedding?

Totally Degu Chewbasket – Small Pet bed/Nesting Box

(Although we are degu biased, they are also ideal for other small pets, hamsters, gerbils, mice and especially rats).

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