Totally Degu Hay Manger


  • Secure fitting to most cage types
  • Easy for your Degu to get to the hay
  • Made from grippy material for easy feeding
  • Safe and chewable
  • Refill manger available for when worn.
  • The manger is biodegradable.
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This hay manger (or hay rack) can be fitted to almost all cage types and provides a clean tidy place to put your Degus hay, which should make upto 70% of their diet. With the hay all in one place you will be able to keep an eye on how much your Degus are eating and know it is clean for them to eat as it has not been on the floor of the cage.

Old hay manger worn, need a new manger without the fixings? if so you can replace the manger when it becomes worn or dirty for less cost than having to buy another hay manger with fixings. Just use the fixings you already have.

If you would like to purchase the refill follow his link:

Specification of the platforms.

Dimensions: 107 (87)mm Wide x 209 (168)mm long x 45mm deep

Fixing will fit Bar gaps of 10mm – 24mm


  • Recycled cardboard
  • Natura Jute material
  • Non toxic glue
  • BZP bolt/washer/Wingnut


  • Secure fitting to most cage types.
  • Easy for your Degu to get to the hay.
  • Made from grippy material for easy feeding.
  • Safe and chewable.
  • We also sell a refill, so you can reuse the fixings.
  • The manger is biodegradable.

Your Degus will love this chewable manger and will love you for buying it.

We love degus but our treats will make Gerbils, Hamsters, mice, Guinea Pigs & rats happy too!

Cardboard products are not recommended for Chinchillas.

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