Totally Degu Chewbasket – Small Pet bed/Nesting Box


  • Perfect for Degus
  • Comes complete with bag of sleepy Degu Bedding.
  • Seagrass basket with metal frame.
  • Safe to Chew.
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Designed specifically with Degus in mind the ChewBasket nesting box is made from degu-safe materials, incorporates a lid to provide an added sense of security for your degus when asleep in their cosy hiding place.

Big enough for four to sleep together, but not so large that the degus are swamped as in a chinchilla nesting box. The lid can be tied to the top or side of the cage to provide an entrance and peeping hole for your little friends and for added convenience the box comes complete with the first two weeks bedding (we would suggest adding hay to the bottom of the basket before placing bedding on top).

Degus love to hide, sleep and snuggle in the ChewBasket and of course chew it with complete safety.



23 (l) x 16 (w) x 9cm(h)


  • Safe seagrass basket
  • 100% natural Jute string
  • 100% vegetable fibre shredded bedding


  • Biodegradable (apart from wire frame
  • 100% Degu Chewable
  • 100% Non-toxic
  • Warm snuggly bed for your Degu

Totally Degu safe and friendly. Your degus will love these chewable pet beds (ChewBasket) and will love you for buying them.

We love degus but our treats will make Gerbils, Hamsters, mice, Guinea Pigs & rats happy too!

Need some cosy bedding for your nesting box?

Totally Degu Sleepy Degu Bedding

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