Crazy Critter Challenge


  • Easy to fix to most cage types.
  • Safe for your small pet.
  • A Fun boredom breaker.
  • Excellent toy for tooth health.
  • Very hard wearing.
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Will your small pet rise to the crazy critter challenge and try to destroy this fun toy? Made from Bamboo & Coconut pieces this boredom breaker is very hard wearing (our Degus have not been able to destroy it after 12 months). Easy to connect to the cage with a strong metal chain and secure hooks. Attach to the cage as pictured and watch your small pet try and chew it to dust for hours every day. Great for Degu tooth health, whilst being safe & fun for your crazy pet to play with. This is an ideal toy to enhanse the cage environment whist not taking up much space in the cage. This toy can be washed. Product is approx 35cm long and is intended for quite large cages.


5 x Bamboo pieces

6 x Coconut Pieces

25cm Chain (30cm total length with fixings)

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