Past Employees

Past Employees

It is said that a job at Totally Degu is for life – here is the page dedicated to past employees who have since retired – they are very much missed.


Co-founder of Totally Degu, Mori was the brains of the operation.


Co-founder of Totally Degu, Flump carried out all the work.


Trouble was only with us a few months, whilst he was here he was the company joker.

Usain (Bolt)

Usain lived fast, worked fast and retired too early.


Logistics was not just a job for Pollox but also a hobby. Stuff piled everywhere in his cage.


Mole was a friendly team player at Totally Degu. He was missed by everyone when he retired.


Rizzo was not a natural team player but he grew to be an important employee at Totally Degu.


Jerry had some bad jobs in the past, but loved his time at Totally Degu.


Ben’s difficult early years left him very destructive, we saw that he could be a perfect product tester……he was very happy with us!


Tubbs spent the early part of her life sleeping rough in a car park in Manchester. Her kind foster parents looked after her, before she left home to come work for us in public relations.


Flump took Castor under his wing when he started at Totally Degu. Castor ended succeeding Flump as CEO.


Littl’un had several jobs before starting at Totally Degu. He had always had trouble working with others but eventually he found his place with us.

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