Meet our Degus

Our Degus are very involved in the design, testing & market research of all the platforms, toys, treats & bedding in the Totally Degu range ( Read on to meet our Degus

Caster (CEO)

Leaves the day-to-day operations to the rest of our colleagues at Totally Degu. Caster makes the top-level managerial decisions, literally from the top level of the cage……usually with his eyes closed.

meet our degus

Rocky (Octodon resources)

Rocky is always available to help out any of our colleagues with their problems and concerns at Totally Degu towers…..usually with boxing and kicking…..Rocky ensures all are happy…..or else!

meet our degus

Rizzo (IT Support)

Computer issues? Website running slow? Forgotten your password…..don’t ask Rizzo, he doesn’t want to know. IT support in name only. Always on a break when you need him.

meet our degus

Pollox (Logistics)

If you want something heavy moving from one place to another……and back again, Pollox is your Degu. It will have to go into a pile though – our office is called Totally Degu Towers for a reason!

Tubbs (Public relations)

The (furry) face of Totally Degu. She builds the Totally Degu brand and is in charge of the spreading the organisational values and messages (very loudly and incessantly).

meet our degus

Ben (Head product tester)

Ben has years of experience destroying our products. We design (what we think) a near indestructible platform……and Ben shows us how wrong we are!

meet our degus

Jerry (Assistant product tester)

Jerry has learnt off the best, nothing is made that cannot be unmade.

meet our degus

Ginger (Middle-management)

Being middle-management means Ginger dislikes those above him and those below him. As a result, he spends his day sitting on his own dreaming of packing it all in for a quieter life of contemplative chewing.

meet our degus

Mole (Production Manager)

Oversees the assembly process of all the great Totally Degu products. Mole has a keen eye for detail and should he spot any substandard work will notify you with a very sharp squeak.

Alan (Operations)

Alan does all the real work! This makes him constantly angry and generally unapproachable.

Scramble (Apprentice)

Our newest employee, just started at Totally Degu towers. We have high hopes for Scramble and think he has the potential to rise all the way to the top (of the cage) – once we have taught him the ropes (and the platforms…..and the ramps…).

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